Temporary, Contract and Permanent Staffing
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Contract work assignments come in all shapes and sizes. They can be short, but they can also last a year or longer. Long term contract work is a lot like working directly for you r employer.   You have steady work hours, pay for time off, and benefits including a 401K package. And long term assignments often have career growth potential.

If you are not presently employed, contracting is a way to enter the job market more easily.   Employers aren't so picayune during the interview process. This gives you the opportunity to get back to work while continuing to search for a direct position.

Temp to Perm
Sometimes you want to try out a company before you commit to long term employment there. Temp to Perm is your opportunity to do this. You, Nova Search, and the company at which you are placed have a predefined amount of time to determine if there is a good fit. At the end of that time, you are hired in as a direct employee if you and the company you have been working for agree that you want to continue the relationship.  

When this occurs, Nova Search steps aside. You begin to receive your paycheck and benefits directly from your employer. How long is the typical trial period? Generally, it is three to six months.   This gives everyone ample time to ascertain their comfort level and decide permanent employment makes good sense.  

Permanent/Direct Placement
Permanent Placement generally involves a series of interviews between you and the company that is considering your employment.   It is not unusual to be called back for as many as three interviews.   There are times when you may be asked to interview as many as five times.   A positive interview process results in a job offer with a benefit package.   If you decide to accept the offer, you become their employee as soon as you commence work.